What's All This?

Six unlikely Kooks have ambitiously undertaken an overland campaign of over 22,000 kilometers and 30 countries from London to Ulan Ude in a car not fit to drive out of the garage. Should they succeed, they will join a prestigious society of vagrant fools who have also conquered...

The Mongol Rally

If that was not enough, these Kooks will additionally be surfing, SUP'ing, boarding and water-sporting their way along the route in an effort to raise money for First Descents as part of their 'Out Living It' program which ties in perfectly with the ethos of the trip, "Life's short, so get out of your comfort zone and grab it by the balls".



What the hell is a Kook?

Oxford Dictionary: A mad or eccentric person.

Webster's Dictionary: One whose ideas or actions are eccentric, fantastic, or insane: screwball.

Urban Dictionary: 5: A person posing as a surfer, or telling everyone that he can bust a snap, bottom turn, or barrel when they can't. Does not know the proper surf terminology or vocab. Ie. uses terms that don't make any sense.

The Truth: A healthy blend of all three, these Kooks are planning to Hang 11 all throughout Eurasia.

What is this Mongol Rally you speak of?

In the age of Google Maps, TripAdvisor and...selfie sticks (shudder) the Mongol Rally attempts to bring back a touch of the swashbuckling adventures lived by the likes Shackleton, Livingston and Magellan.   The rules of the Rally are gloriously simple…

  1. The Goal: Drive from London, UK to Ulan-Ude, Russia.
  2. Give Back: Raise funds, save the world.
  3. Support: None. You're on your own!
  4. Your Vessel: 1.2 litres or less, unsuitable, crap car. 

The amazing team at The Adventurists have all the info you'll need about the rally and more. Check out their promo video and wrap your head around this crazy adventure by clicking the button below:


What / Where is Ulan Ude?

Often overshadowed by the Red Square of Moscow, St. Petersburg's Church of the Savior or Putin riding a bear, Ulan Ude is home of Lenin's Giant Head and a stone's throw from the deepest lake in the world.

The U.K. to Russia is a hell of a long way I hear you say? You are correct sir, nearly 14,000 miles to be more accurate, and to make things more interesting we've kooked the route a bit to hit Scandinavia. Why? Well, we've heard the 'scenery' there is second to none.

Check out the madness of our kooky route by clicking the button below:


The Give Back


a Noble Cause

The Adventurists’ mission statement is simple “make the world less boring and save a bit of it too”. It's only fair as we go out of our way to see all the world has to offer that we make an effort to give a little something back.

The minimum we must raise is £2,000, with at least £1,000 raised for the Rallies official charity Cool Earth. That's a fine effort no doubt; however, as with the rest of our trip we have decided to go that one step further. We aim to raise not only the £1,000 required for Cool Earth, but an additional $1 for every kilometer we travel (approximately $22,000) for our charity of choice, First Descents, as part of their 'Out Living It' program. 

To get those donations flowing, we are offering small incentives for reaching the following pledge targets:

  • $50  - Travel with us in spirit and have your name sketched on on of our cars with a pic to prove it!
  • $100 - ↑ + a small image of your choice stuck on one of our the cars. (nothing that will get us arrested)
  • $200 - ↑ + a postcard with a handwritten thank you from your country of choice. (of the 30 we visit)
  • $300 - ↑ + an item of Kook Memorabilia. Specific item to be confirmed but guaranteed to be Kooky.
  • $500 - ↑ + your name/brand on our website, a large sticker on our car and shameless plugs from us on our social media platforms.
  • $TOP 2 DONORS$ - ↑ + Name one of our Cars!! The name will be on everything and everywhere, make it witty, funny, crass or boring. Doesn't matter. Your choice. (within reason...no F$@#y Mc@#%! Mobile)
First Descents Donation Goal
$0 $22,000

First Descents

First Descents offers young adult cancer fighters and survivors a free outdoor adventure experience designed to empower them to climb, paddle and surf beyond their diagnosis, defy their cancer, reclaim their lives and connect with others doing the same.

Each program is limited to 15 participants, ensuring individualized care, medical attention and an intimate experience with fellow survivors. First Descents programs are available to young adults with cancer regardless of their financial means. All meals, accommodations and program activities are provided free of charge, including travel scholarships, when needed.

Our goal is to raise enough coin for an entire First Descents program to send a group to tackle the Ocean and learn to surf. We are hoping that $22,000 or $1 a kilometer should do the trick

Cool Earth Donation Goal
£0 £1,000

Cool Earth

Cool Earth is the charity of choice for the Mongol Rally and it's easy to see why. hey work alongside indigenous villages to halt rain forest destruction under the belief that the most effective mechanism to tackle this global problem is by putting the indigenous people back in control of their forest.

Local people stand to lose the most from deforestation but the most to gain from its protection,. This is why Cool Earth partnerships are community-owned and led; creating strong, self-determining communities - not dependency.

Cool Earth works solely where the threat to the forest is greatest, on the front-line of deforestation. Each partnerships forms a shield to make the neighboring forest inaccessible to loggers – saving millions of acres of further forest.

We would like to send out a massive thank you to all of those who have helped us reach our goal, we cannot thank you enough!

If you'd still like to contribute, please look into contributing to our main charity First Descents by clicking here.


The Kooks

Who Are these Kooks?

Hailing from 3 continents, they are probably the least likely group of Kooks to enter the Rally with most having never met each other until....well....the Start of the Rally.

Andy Faulkner

Andy Faulkner

Expedition Leader / Drone Pilot

Drunk on a boat hurling through the Drake Passage and having recently completed the holy '7th Continent', Andy and Geej decided to up the ante for '17 and thus our Mongol Rally was born.

After much heated debate, Andy eventually stole the title of 'Expedition Leader' when, like a child, he simply signed up to the Rally first thereby relegating Geej to First Mate

Geej Nieman

Geej Nieman

First Mate / Public Relations

Like a fine wine, this Canuck has aged with grace. Yes, he is old, and sure, some may say the Rally is his mid-life-crisis, but that is simply untrue. For at the rate he lives his life, he's well past mid-life. This is really just another typical Geej adventure.

As the sole Canadian, he will be thrown to the front line to diffuse any hostile situation with a quick-fired "Sorry 'bout that". Fool-proof.

Mike Willson

Mike Willson

Can-Crusher / Fundraising Champion

This Kiwi is known for one thing; crushing cans. Don't let his petite frame fool you, it is rumored that he nearly matched Andre the Giant's drinking feats. This bodes well for the team, for if there is one thing the Russians and Mongolians enjoy more than feats of strength, it is feats of drinking.

Should that fail, he does have an Ace up his sleeve. A good ol' Haka. Guaranteed to earn respect from all.

Joel Tromburg

Joel Tromburg

Musician / Accountant

Trust a musician with money you ask? Don't worry, we're just as nervous about it as you are. 

As the only team member who can carry a tune, Joel will not only be tasked with wooing the fairer sex in backpacker lounges, but more importantly, busking for change if/when the team goes broke. After all, as the accountant, he's most likely the reason we went bust anyways.

Josh McDonnell

Josh McDonnell

DJ Kook / Head Chef

Vegemite on Toast is his specialty, but this true-blue 'Strayan has a few more tricks up his sleeve. Contrary to the late Steve Irwin, he has no time for admiring marine-life, he prefers to spear them and throw em on the 'barbie.

Unfortunately, the majority of our adventure is inland so one can only hope that his spear is as accurate on land-mammals as it is with turtles.

John  souter

John  souter

Messiah / Chief Engineer

Being the only member of the team to know the difference between a spanner and a zucchini, the Scotsman is truly the team's redeemer. 

Some say it was divine intervention, others a miracle, but we all know the truth. Fate brought Mike and John together in the seedy underbelly of Latin American while the row of Tequila shots brought him on board the team. He is, The Chosen One.




The Trusty Steeds

The Czechs are known for two things: Pilsner. And Cars.

For a paltry £1,050, The Kooks are proud owners of not one, but TWO Škoda Fabias. If you're not familiar with the Fabia or the world renowned Škoda, this Czech crafted masterpiece is essentially a Land Rover neatly hidden withing the plastic shell of a compact sedan. Some say that in the mid-80's when the U.S. military sought to replace the Jeep, the Škoda Favorit (predecessor to the Fabia) was a heavy favorite and only narrowly lost out to the Humvee. Needless to say, with our elite Fabia Fleet and the Mechanical Messiah John to act as the good shepherd, confidence levels are high they'll both cross the finish line.

The Kooks are pleased to introduce you to the red Y.A.C.K.S. (Yank, Aussie, Canuck, Kiwi, Scottish) and silver Meandering Millie!


help us, help you!


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