The Kook-Mobiles

The Czechs are known for two things: Pilsner. And Cars.

For a paltry £1,050, The Kooks are proud owners of not one, but TWO Škoda Fabias. If you're not familiar with the Fabia or the world renowned Škoda, this Czech crafted masterpiece is essentially a Land Rover neatly hidden withing the plastic shell of a compact sedan. Some say that in the mid-80's when the U.S. military sought to replace the Jeep, the Škoda Favorit (predecessor to the Fabia) was a heavy favorite and only narrowly lost out to the Humvee. Needless to say, with our elite Fabia Fleet and the Mechanical Messiah John to act as the good shepherd, confidence levels are high they'll both cross the finish line.

Next Step Modifications

Our Mesiah put in some hard yards to make these vehicles even more bad ass. Reliability comes second to looks on this Rally.

The Final Result:.

One word: Perfection.

Now it's time to show these Bad Boys off while driving across the World!