You give, we give.

To get those donations flowing, we are offering small incentives for reaching the following pledge targets:

  • $50  - Travel with us in spirit and have your name sketched on on of our cars with a pic to prove it!
  • $100 - ↑ + a small image of your choice stuck on one of our the cars. (nothing that will get us arrested)
  • $200 - ↑ + a postcard with a handwritten thank you from your country of choice. (of the 30 we visit)
  • $300 - ↑ + an item of Kook Memorabilia. Specific item to be confirmed but guaranteed to be Kooky.
  • $500 - ↑ + your name/brand on our website, a large sticker on our car and shameless plugs from us on our social media platforms.
  • $TOP 2 DONORS$ - ↑ + Name one of our Cars!! The name will be on everything and everywhere, make it witty, funny, crass or boring. Doesn't matter. Your choice. (within F$@#y Mc@#%! Mobile)

*Note: If you donate anonymously, albeit it a very humble and admirable thing to do, there will be no way for us to show our thanks! If you still insist though, know that we do sincerely thank you. If you would like, shoot us a private message and we'll thank you personally without spreading it publicly. 

"First Descents provides life-changing outdoor adventures for young adults (age 18-39) impacted by cancer"

What a great cause. This really reflects what we're all about. Getting out of your comfort zone, seeing the world, and having a blast while doing it!

First Descents are doing an amazing job helping young adults and showing them what life is all about. That's why the Kublai Kooks are supporting them in their efforts to make a difference to young people who have had a tough go.

The Out Living It Project is where the First Descents  community fosters a spirit of adventure, creativity, and philanthropy. OLI Projects are unique ways to fundraise for First Descents and range from marathons to back yard barbecues to meditation challenges. 

Our project? The Mongol Rally. We aim to earn $1 for every kilometer we travel from London through to Ulan-Ude in Russia. We're hopeful that this will raise over $22,000 for First Descents and hopefully fund and entire program to send a group of 15 individuals impacted by cancer on a once-in-a-lifetime surf trip. 

For more information about First Descents and to show your support by donating to their great cause. please check out our fundraising page on their website by clicking the button below. 

First Descents Donation Goal
$0 $22,000

Cool earth is the official charity of the Mongol Rally. They work with people who have lived in the forest for generations and put them back in control.

Working with communities across the Amazon, the Congo Basin and Papua New Guinea, Cool Earth has already saved 640,000 acres of forest. Forest that lay directly in the path of chainsaws and bulldozers.

More importantly, this forest forms a shield to make millions of acres of next-door forest inaccessible to loggers – making it the most efficient and effective way to halt deforestation.

We are hoping to do our part and raise £1,000 to support their noble cause so please click the button below and start donating.

Cool Earth Donation Goal
£0 £1,000

We would like to send out a massive thank you to all of those who have helped us reach our goal, we cannot thank you enough!

If you'd still like to contribute, please look into donating to our main charity First Descents by clicking here.