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One kooky way to get to russia

London to Ulan Ude is quite the trek on it's own (22,000 kilometers or nearly 14,000 miles to be a bit more precise), but in the spirit of the Rally and adventure we've decided to take the long way there. Why make things easy on ourselves! We've also noted all the good spots to grab a wave or kayak a fountain along the way and won't miss the opportunity to get in the water.

We're hitting all the hot spots whilst trying not to get killed:

  • Hot air ballooning in Turkey;
  • Daraza gas crater in Turkmenistan;
  • Hanging out with Borat in Kazakhstan; and
  • The deserts of Mongolia.
  • Tour de France in Paris;
  • Amsterdam (need I say more);
  • The raw beauty of Norway;
  • Witnessing nature take over in Chernobyl;

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